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Avatar Embodiment Transmission Set

The following eight (8) transmissions synergize the Unified Human Heart with the Higher Earth Heart and the Cosmic Heart Center beginning with setting the timing for your “transfiguration of the light”, a Christed Light Body “resurrection”. Opening the 13th Gateway, the Universal God Matrix and your hologram is returned to Earth, through the Mother God Principle. The lightwaves received realign the soul matrix to “land” into it’s original source coding and trigger the full embodiment of the Unified Heart-Mind, further solidifying and freeing the abundance flows through the Earth’s God Mind gateways. The realignment of the Light Body with its Avatar Embodiment completes this set.    

The transmissions include:

Spirit of Light Transfiguration, September 2015 Equinox:

In this special transmission for the Equinox (Sept 2015), we are embodied into the New Human Life Matter--Liquid Living Light.  The transmission trans-locates us into a time-space dimension/timeline that enables the higher human form to be transmitted.  Our physical body is regenerated as a physical-light form that is the New "Higher" Human Body.  We are realigned to the Highest Spirit of Light, a realignment and co-creation of God's Light with the Holy Spirit of the New Human Earth Consciousness. The September 2015 Equinox marks a timeline of the "Reckoning of the Spirit" on planet Earth. The Higher Laws and Principles of Unity Consciousness stream in through infinity "living light portals" that expand the notion of Universal Justice on Earth. As we realign to this Light, we are filled with the Holy Spirit and the God Light, a transfiguration of the Human Being into a Holy Lighted "New Human" Being.  MP3; 46:24


13th Ascension Star Code:

In this transmission, the 13th Ascension "Star Code" is activated in your multi-dimensional, unified heart.  The star code, a 13-pointed Golden Star, realigns you to the source of the 13th Ascension Gateway and the Angelic Earth re-creation.  As a light tool, the 13th Ascension Star Code enables you to resonate with and physically manifest on the Angelic Earth dimensional plane.  The transmission travels through several Earth dimensions/timelines to re-create Creation and reveal a newly manifested Angelic Earth, a higher Earth creation.  Included in this transmission recording is a December 2015 energy update.  MP3; 50:42


Wings of the Dove, December 2015 Solstice:

This transmission returns the Universal God Matrix to Earth and your hologram, through the Mother God Principle.  MP3; 24:45


Ascended God Light:

In this realignment, you are upgraded by multiple "Ascended God Light" waves.  The Light Waves are connected to high frequency photon light in the greater cosmic field of unified light.  Several New Human Energy Upgrades are transmitted that reunite you to Father-Mother God light intelligence.  New higher light frequencies upgrade your DNA and transmit the platinum and gold substances for Unified Heart Alchemy.  As your inner "substance" is transformed your outer reality shifts to create a new reality of service in harmony with the Solar Christ and Earth's new Solar Logos.  MP3; 34:21


Virtues of the Unified Heart:

In this transmission (recorded March 2016), your heart is attuned to the higher virtues of the new heart intelligence (love, kindness, compassion, unity, peace...).  The transmission awakens the pineal gland to a new connection, linking you to the original God source codes/rays of creation, Love, Power and Wisdom.  It is through this link with the Origins of Creation that you gain the capacity to transmit and radiate through your sacred heart space the higher virtues.  The transmission leads you into realigning, through your rainbow lightbody, with the AUM vibration as THE origin frequency of creation.  You experience through your Awake and Aware consciousness the stillness of AUM.  The effect of this transmission is to attune your body and consciousness to greater peace and the embodiment of the new human heart as a living principle of God's higher truths.  MP3; 44:00


New Infinity Abundance Flows, March 2016 Equinox:

Through this March Equinox 2016 transmission, we are connected to the Unified Heart-Mind to experience the New Infinity Abundance Flows.  We are guided through the steps to activate the "double infinity body", a unification of the infinite mind and heart.  The transmission realigns you and Earth to universal abundance flows that source "power" thru genuine reciprocity between God Source and the Unified Heart-Mind.  MP3; 21:14


Double Diamond Light Body, Part 1:

In this transmission, the Double Diamond Light Body descends into Earth and into the Avatar Human. In part 1, your body is prepared to receive the "sun" aspect of the diamond light body.  Through the reflective mirror of the unified heart, you are upgraded into the unification of the 7 higher heavens of the stellar bodies of the Pleaides and Ursa Major.  You are anchored "up" and "down" into to the Diamond Sun through the encoded Emerald Earth Crystal (planted into the Earth's heart core by the Founders/Guardian Races at the beginning of "Earth time").  A heart core "birthing" occurs that releases the Buddhic Egg for a vast realignment of heart-mind to form the Christic Heart-Buddhic Mind merge.  To complete the transmission allow for Part 1 to integrate until you feel the inner impulse to do Part 2. This transmission was recorded on location at Seven Seas in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, a higher heart earth gateway. MP3; 27:57


Double Diamond Light Body, Part 2:

In this transmission, the Double Diamond Light Body realignment completes (do Part 1 before this one) as the "lunar", or dark aspect of creation re-forms the Self and Earth into the Highest Avatar Body of the Unified Light & Dark.  Transmitted on location at Seven Seas in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, the Emerald Crystal of the Holy Father and the Heavenly Flowers of the Holy Mother "marry" the inner and outer worlds.  Your entire energy body is reformed through this miraculous realignment taking on the shape of the Double Diamond and the 7 Suns of the Higher Heavens.  At the completion of this transmission, you are embodied into the highest form of the Christic Avatar and as a solar being of the Golden Light transmitting the solar/stellar light radiation that turns all to Gold.  MP3; 33:18