New Humanity Store

The New Humanity Store is an online portal to receive products and services that support the New Human.  As many are experiencing, we are evolving, biologically, spiritually and in our humanness.  Our evolution is quickening like no other time on planet Earth.  Our needs are shifting too.  No longer is our body, mind, heart and spirit fulfilled by the old economy.  The New Human is shifting vibrationally and requires products and services that are in-tune with the New Human and the bio-spirituality of pure light.  The New Humanity Store strives to provide products and services that enhance, nourish and replenish the New Human.  The store is also the online portal for New Humanity Press, a publishing company for the new universal intelligence that informs and activates the New Human and co-creates the New Earth consciousness and systems--the new spirituality, economy, society, and culture.  Founded in 2014, we will continue to grow with new products and services that meet the New Human requirements.   

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About Corrina Steward, New Humanity Store Founder & CEO

Corrina Steward is a master energy healer, environmental scientist and global humanitarian.  After years of working on global environmental issues for the United Nations and international foundations she had a spiritual awakening that transformed her reality and view of the environmental and social problems we are facing.  In her awakening journey, she began to receive intuitively new information that would help humanity to resolve our global crises.  The source of the new information comes from the Cosmic Heart, a higher consciousness of love that can liberate us from scarcity, survival mentality and all forms of limitation currently experienced personally and globally.  It is Corrina's spiritual Earth mission to transmit the unified heart activations, the 4 codes of the heart, and the New Human frequencies. She was activated into the New Human blueprint over the course of 5 years and is a bio-spiritual prototype for the New Human.  Corrina teaches workshops on the unified heart, the Cosmic Heart and facilitates global healing through energy transmissions.  She also writes a monthly blog detailing the evolution of the Cosmic Heart on Earth and hosts a radio show for New Humanity Radio.  To learn more about her work visit The Unified Heart Activations and other Cosmic Heart energy transmissions are found here in the New Humanity Store.