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Healing Transmissions & New Humanity Book Set

These two (2) transmissions along with the two (2) included books comprise an introductory 'Becoming the New Human' set that introduces you to the teachings and transmissions of the Unified Heart.   Transmissions are energy activations that assist you in becoming a New Human by awakening your heart intelligence and developing Unity Consciousness, a state of being where all things are connected. 

This set includes: 


The Healing transmission is comforting, soothing, relieving and healing.  It supports your healing in any way that is needed for you on all levels of yourself.  The healing is facilitated through Angelic Reiki, an advanced, multi-dimensional healing system of pure light and the spirit energy of butterflies, a transformative healing source.  MP3; 13:54


Healing of the Separation of the Heart:

The Separation of the Heart healing transmission is the first step in accessing your Unified Heart, the heart intelligence that empowers your co-creator God Self. In this transmission, you receive the healing necessary to unify your heart and re-connect you to wholeness, the energy field of unity consciousness and the universal one heart.  In this audio, there is also a teaching on the Separation of the Heart and the importance of healing it for the New Human experience.  MP3; 19:56


Our New Humanity: Becoming One with the Heart:

Our New Humanity: Becoming One with the Heart is a transmission of the heart that activates the unified heart codes, Love, Light, Power and Wisdom.  It teaches and activates the codes as you read.  Over the course of a year, the blueprint for how to live from the infinite heart, rather than the limitations of the mind, was unveiled to Corrina Steward through a series of “downloads” of higher consciousness.  Our New Humanity describes the function of the heart in unity consciousness, a state of being where all things are connected. Corrina details the four hearts codes, intelligent light forces, that awaken the heart and humanity to live in unity consciousness. These codes are the foundation of the alchemical process of creation that can enable us to create a unified, peaceful Earth and become an awakened humanity. PDF version,73 pages


Guidebook to Our New Humanity Activations:

The Guidebook for the Our New Humanity Activations walks you through the energy transmissions that activate the unified heart: Awaken, Clarity, and Freedom. Each activation is encoded with the heart codes revealed in Our New Humanity. By receiving the energy transmissions you will be transformed from the polarity reality to the unified heart reality. After receiving the activations, the Guidebook provides guiding, reflective questions and exercises to deepen your experience and new awareness from each transmission.  The Guidebook is also meant to accompany reading Our New Humanity.  Congratulations on your journey into the unified heart! May the peace of the unified heart guide your path. PDF; 17 pgs.