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Introductory "Unity & Freedom" Transmission Set

These six (6) transmissions will help heal you, realign you, prepare you to become a creator, and assist you into accessing your own Unified Heart energy.  It's the perfect introductory product for awakening the love, light, power and wisdom of your heart. 

The transmissions include:


The Awaken transmission initiates the activation of the new human heart intelligence.  The transmission activates the 3 energy codes of the unified heart: Love, Light and Power.  Through this activation, you accelerate your ability to co-create with the unified heart intelligence.  MP3; 10:45



The Clarity transmission activates the wisdom of the heart, the 4th and final energy code of the unified heart intelligence.  This transmission elevates you into your higher destined reality.  Through Clarity, your heart co-creations clarify, come into focus, and manifest with ease as a solid foundation is established to "land" your co-creations.  MP3; 11:30



The Freedom transmission awakens your God Self and re-aligns you to the creation field of unity consciousness.  When we are re-connected to unity consciousness we are liberated as God co-creators and receive the "keys to the Kingdom" to create heaven on Earth through God's Will and Consciousness.  This is the ultimate liberation transmission, becoming a sovereign God co-creator that creates his/her reality.  MP3; 14:14


Healing of the Separation of the Heart:

The Healing of the Separation of the Heart transmission is the first step in accessing your Unified Heart, the heart intelligence that empowers your co-creator God Self. In this transmission, you receive the healing necessary to unify your heart and re-connect you to wholeness, the energy field of unity consciousness and the universal one heart.  In this audio, there is also a teaching on the Separation of the Heart and the importance of healing it for the New Human experience.  MP3; 19:56



The Wholeness transmission re-aligns you to the new creation field of Earth.  The new creation field is a synergy of the healed Earth, Cosmic Heart Center and the New Human heart intelligence.  Through this transmission, you are activated into the infinite possibilities reality, which enables you to create through the energy of infinity.  As you connect into the new creation field of infinity, you become whole, healthy, healed and the New Human of infinite possibilities.  MP3; 10:51


Abundance & Fulfillment:

The Abundance & Fulfillment transmission re-connects you to the natural, universal flows of abundance.  This powerful transmission harmonizes you to the universal source of abundance, the pure substance of the divine feminine known as the Nectar of the Mother and the Rose Mother infusion.  As you embody this source, fulfillment comes into your experience.  Combined, Abundance and Fulfillment create the highest New Human experience of joy, beauty, plenty, richness, and love.  MP3; 25:02