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Unified Heart Activations & Universal Manifestation Courses Package

Get both the Unified Heart Activations & the Universal Manifestation realignments and teachings in one package.  This is Part 1 & 2 of the Spiritual Science of Heart Manifestation, an essential for the awakening New Human!  You'll receive the courses in a zip file with an audio file (MP3) for Part 1 and a video (MP4) file for Part 2.  5 hours of energy activations and teachings to do at your own pace.


Unified Heart Activations & Teachings

In this course, Corrina transmits the 4 heart codes of the unified heart (Love, Light, Power and Wisdom) and re-connects you to the infinite field of possibilities matrix. Along with the activations she teaches the spiritual science of heart manifestation that gives you the tools to work with your heart as a portal for manifestation. You also receive a heart healing transmission that heals the Separation of the Heart and transmits to you the Rainbow Healing Hands Heart, a realignment to heal other's hearts through your presence.  The unified heart teachings are rooted in ancient wisdom that was once taught at the height of the feminine consciousness of Ancient Egypt and Central and South American cultures connected to star beings. Corrina received the activations and teachings over the course of several years and is now passing on this heart manifestation "technology" to awaken the New Human Heart Dream Co-Creators. Upon completion of this course, you are eligible to join a closed group of Unified Heart Manifestors on Facebook to collaborate in the unified heart field. Please email Corrina ( if you would like to join the group.  MP3; 1:57:01

Universal Manifestation Activations & Teachings

As human consciousness is expanding the conditions for manifestation are changing. In this Part 2 of the Spiritual Science of Heart Manifestation, we evolve our manifestation power through the Laws of Universal Manifestation. Previously, manifestation worked through Local Manifestation as described by the Law of Attraction (LOA). LOA is no longer adequate as a model for manifestation. Universal Manifestation is the evolving system of creation & works with the Galactic Realignment of the Universal Rose. Beginning in 2015, heart manifestation is facilitated through the Universal Rose, a divine feminine consciousness, and the Higher Heart known as the Power of the Heart. In this webinar, you are activated into Universal Manifestation & learn the tools of how to manifest through the heart in an evolving universe.

The webinar consists of 3, 1 hr classes & activations compiled in one video file (MP4; 2:47:08).

First Class & Activation:

Infinity Amplifier ~ Double Infinity "light technology" is amplified through the Unified Heart for increased transmission between the inner and outer unified heart reality & the infinity grid for Higher Heaven transmissions.  Greater access to the High Heart gateway is activated and taught to amply the God source flow of the "Waterfall Room."

Second Class & Activation

New Flower of Life ~ Activation of the New Flower of Life initiates the Inner Heart Flower & the Nectar of the Mother flow from the Cosmic Mother's Rose Body.  The Nectar source provides the "matter" of all new manifestations in the unity consciousness system of creation. 

Third Class & Activation

Mother-Father God Star Light Merkaba Body ~ Activation of the New Human Star Light Merkaba Body of the Mother (Staff) & Father (Rod) God to embody the Creator God Self.  Mother God Embodiment is the integration of the Cosmic Rose Body and Father God Embodiment is realignment with the Star Light Frequencies that "power up" the Merkaba Star Body.  

Each class includes approx 20 minutes of instruction with PowerPoint slides of visuals and descriptive information explained by Corrina Steward.  The activations follow the instruction.