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"Angelic Human" Transmission Set

These three (3) transmissions prepare you to receive your infinite Self and light body for physical embodiment and to activate your Angelic Human DNA, turning on higher sensory perceptive abilities and the divine human blueprint of the original Angelic Human lineage.

The transmissions include:

God Self Embodiment:

In this transmission, we are energetically prepared to receive the God Self into the physical body.  We are upgraded into a new energy flow via new meridian and axial-tonal lines in the energy bodies, which re-direct energy flows of the Nectar Life Force.  We travel to a pre-creation space inside the heart that opens the Golden Gateway of the Heart and tunes the body to pre-creation harmonics.  Lastly, we are realigned to a new Cosmic and Earth center guided by the Purple and Aqua Rays.  The completion of the transmission enables the God Breathe to fill the inner body for an outer expression of the God Self.  MP3; 1:00:54


Holy Sacred Body:

Recorded in Columbia, CT on June 20th, 2015, this transmission realigns you to the awakening of the Holy Sacred Body through the Emerald and Red Light of God.  An immensely powerful transmission that descends one's light body into the physical body through a new "light webbing" that opens the Compassionate Heart.  Through the Holy Sacred Body realignment, we also heal Mother Earth's sacred body and bring into our awareness the healing needs of the Earth, the bees and the collective humanity.  MP3; 31:25


Angelic Human:

The Angelic Human Transmission transmits the newest upgrades of light and knowledge from a cosmic source (Andromeda galaxy and the cosmic infinity source) for the Angelic Humans.  The Angelic Humans are the original humans, a divinely designed human race that is coming back to the Earth as we heal, upgrade and realign to our original DNA and bio-spirituality.  In this transmission, you receive DNA and light body upgrades that tune you to the Angelic Human vibration and enable you to connect to your infinite source again.  The transmission is guided by your Ascension team (your spiritual team of guides supporting your spiritual awakening) and unique Earth spirit consciousness.  MP3; 20:53