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"Abundance & Prosperity" Transmission Set

These four (4) transmissions create the highest New Human experience of prosperity, transform you into a New Human of Light to manifest out of Oneness, and realign you into the infinite reciprocity flow of God Source and the Unified Heart-Mind.  They offer you the doorway into your Divine Blueprint, which connects to your life's purpose and the abundance and prosperity to fulfill it!  


The transmissions include: Abundance & Fulfillment:

The Abundance & Fulfillment transmission re-connects you to the natural, universal flows of abundance.  This powerful transmission harmonizes you to the universal source of abundance, the pure substance of the divine feminine known as the Nectar of the Mother and the Rose Mother infusion.  As you embody this source, fulfillment comes into your experience.  Combined, Abundance and Fulfillment create the highest New Human experience of joy, beauty, plenty, richness and love.  MP3; 25:02


Manifesting the New "Abundant Forms" through Oneness:

In this transmission (received Nov 2015), you receive a teaching from higher Light Beings on how to manifest on the New Earth.  Manifestation, they explain, is conducted through highly charged Light quotient and through a special Light Body Sphere.  You are taken to an off-planet location to experience this Sphere and taught the technique for "abundant form" creation.  This knowledge is given to you as a New Human of Light and you are realigned to manifest on Earth through the consciousness of Oneness.  A truly remarkable teaching that transforms your way of living and demonstrates the power of the New Earth Light.  MP3; 49:07


Equinox 2016 Transmission: The New Infinity Abundance Flows:

Through this March Equinox 2016 transmission, we are connected to the Unified Heart-Mind to experience the New Infinity Abundance Flows.  We are guided through the steps to activate the "double infinity body", a unification of the infinite mind and heart.  The transmission realigns you and Earth to universal abundance flows that source "power" thru genuine reciprocity between God Source and the Unified Heart-Mind.  MP3; 21:14 


Divine Opportunities:

The Divine Opportunities transmission downloads into your energy field and physical body new opportunities that are divinely sourced and connected to your soul design and life purpose.  This transmission clears all blocks and "veils" so you can easily access new possibilities and opportunities in your life.  The power of this transmissions is from receiving your divine blueprint through the sun-light codes and the crystal Diamond Matrix--part of your divine blueprint design and the new Earth-Cosmic heart blueprint.  This is a rapidly moving transmission that quickly releases the "old" and creates the "new" into your experiences.  You are upgraded from your primal/primitive human nature to the ascended Diamond Light human being.  MP3; 23:44