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Soul's Reunion & Galactic Time Reset

Two transmissions from the "Soul Awakening for the New Human" retreat (June 11th, 2016).  These transmissions open the star gateways for reuniting with your soul through time and space.  An 1111 activation & reset of your life... 

Soul's Reunion & Light Body-Kundalini Awakening Transmission

Accessing aspects of yourself that could not previously gain entry into the Earth (due to frequency barriers)  come through 8 star gateways.  There is a kundalini activation that releases the old human identity to make way for your New Human identity.  Powerful, awakening & remembering! MP3; 27:50

New Human Story Activation & Galactic Time Reset

Transmitted through Stonehenge, this transmission re-activates Stonehenge as an Earth portal/gateway for the Angelic Humans and the "turns the clocks of time" to One to initiate the embodiment of the New Human Story.  A Galactic Time Reset occurs that realigns Earth and multiple star systems into the Age of Light.  This transmission is SO will drop you into the future ascended Earth! Be prepared for the escalation of magical manifestations.  MP3; 17:36