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Our New Humanity: Becoming One with the Heart (PDF version)

Our New Humanity: Becoming One with the Heart is a transmission of the heart that activates the unified heart codes, Love, Light, Power and Wisdom.  It teaches and activates the codes as you read.  Over the course of a year, the blueprint for how to live from the infinite heart, rather than the limitations of the mind, was unveiled to Corrina Steward through a series of “downloads” of higher consciousness.  Our New Humanity describes the function of the heart in unity consciousness, a state of being where all things are connected. Corrina details the four hearts codes, intelligent light forces, that awaken the heart and humanity to live in unity consciousness. These codes are the foundation of the alchemical process of creation that can enable us to create a unified, peaceful Earth and become an awakened humanity. PDF version,73 pages

Table of Contents

Preface – Gabriel’s Papers to Earth


Chapter 1 – Who You Truly Are


             Follow Your Heart

            The Separation of the Heart

            Eve’s Creation Story

            Becoming Whole


Chapter 2 – The Unified Heart


            Love: The Twin Flame of the Heart

            Power: I AM All That Is

            Light: Eternal Soul Essence

            Wisdom: The Spiral of Knowing

            Journey into the Unified Heart


Chapter 3 – The Unification of Love, Light, Power and Wisdom


            The Alchemy of the Heart

            Initiation into the Unified Heart


Chapter 4 – The Freedom of our New Humanity


            A New Day, A New Story

            The Fully Operating New Human

            The Dawning of Your Light


Epilogue – The Angel Wings of Your Heart