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A New Earth Re-Born thru the Galactic Tree of Life, Oct 2015 Energy Transmission

In this exciting transmission, Earth and Humanity receive a brand new start.  Earth is trans-located to a new timeline and re-born out of the Chalice of God for a 100% new beginning, wiped clean of the old Earth paradigm and the historical timelines that placed a stranglehold on humanity's ability to co-evolve with God Source.  When you receive this transmission, you are realigned into this timeline of new beginnings and fresh starts out of the pure, authentic Light of God Consciousness.  The transmission co-creates a new energy matrix, the liquid living Light Honeycomb grid, for Earth and we are made out of the purity of the Light.  The realignment occurs through the Galactic Tree of Life and a re-activation of Universal Elementals that send out the "call" to God Source for a new, emergent evolutionary pattern in the Universe.  Earth now takes the lead in the omni-verses in re-starting Creation through the Heart and Light of Father-Mother God.  MP3; 43:22