New Humanity Store

Welcome to the New Humanity Store!

The New Humanity Store offers products & services for activating and supporting the New Human, you!  The New Human is the evolving human being who lives from the heart and soul essence. The store offers tools that accelerate the energetic and vibrational upgrades of the New Human and tune and harmonize your shifting bio-spirituality.  There are products for the newly awakening to the advancing Master.  If you are new, a good place to begin is with the Unified Heart Transmissions & the Our New Humanity book and workbook.  For the advancing Master co-creator, the Infinity Field Creation Transmissions are ideal for accelerating your mastery, sovereignty & liberation into New Human-New Earth experiences. You may desire both transmission collections. Allow your heart and soul essence to lead you to the tools that are right for you. Enjoy & welcome to the New Human experience! 

                                                ~Corrina Steward, Founder & CEO of New Humanity Store   


Free Angel Love Essence Spray with 2016 Personal Essence order.

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